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Common Garage Door Questions

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Common Garage Door Questions

On this page you will find answers to a lot of common garage door questions. You're bound to gain some very useful information from the following FAQs.

What kind of maintenance do garage door hinges require?

Your hinges should be cleaned with a solvent and lubricated slightly. You should also tighten any bolts that have come loose and look for any severe rust, then treat accordingly.

How often must I replace the garage door?

Garage doors don't usually need to replaced unless they are seriously damaged, neglected for years or worn for specific reasons. It may be that specific parts like the rollers need to be replaced more frequently. One thing is for sure, the better condition you keep your garage door system in, the longer it will last!

What is lubrication maintenance?

Simply put, it is the procedure of applying lubricant to the moving parts of your garage door. It is essential to check all the components of your mechanism periodically. It's also important to know that the friction among mechanical parts without the correct lubrication can produce terrible sounds and wear the metal down much faster than necessary.

What is the best garage door for your waterfront home?

If you're living near the sea, your last choice should probably be wood because it will likely be highly affected by the moisture and salt in the air. You could always consider a wood-substitute. Steel doors are likely to be a better choice if properly maintained and protected from rust.


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